Sent to a number of Canadian Federal MP's October 20th

To any representatives of the Canadian people that still retain a semblance of patriotism and belief in freedom of speech, thought and a healthy democratic society;
I am a retired Canadian Forces veteran and patriot that has observed a disturbing trend in censorship and “accepted thought” as I’m sure you have noticed at times yourself.
What I take issue with today, and urge you to please use your position to examine yourself, is the funding of partisan, character assassination experts at the “anti-hate Canada” network. ( The current Liberal Government has recently granted this organization a whopping $270,000 on October 15th under the benevolent sounding “Anti Racism Action Program”. While I myself, and it should go without saying as a proud Canadian – condemn racism and its applications – The people over at the Canadian Anti-Hate network are themselves, overtly racist.
Furthermore, they are openly and proudly affiliated with domestic terror organization Antifa that spares no opportunity to sow division, rile up hatred to right wing thinkers and gone as far as conducting political murders in the United States. They have been finding their way into Canadian neighbourhoods as of late (Red Deer, Calgary for example) intimidating residents and carrying weapons (golf clubs camouflaged as signage), wearing masks and walking alongside elected NDP members while sporting communist insignia.
It should also go without explanation what it means to be a communist and what this ideology has done to 80+ million people in the past century. An ideology apparently admired by the Trudeau administration as well as the NDP.
How can our Federal Government, give my tax dollars and those of my family and friends to a group that openly affiliates with such vile individuals and practices political terrorism? Further, they make it their mission to de-platform conservative thinkers and speakers, harass family members, have individuals “doxxed” (releasing personal details, names, addresses, work place) to the public for reprisals. This is political intimidation and terrorism. I myself have been personally doxxed and threatened by these left wing cowards in the past more than once for my views.
I refuse to be quiet about what is happening to our country, as a veteran who has spilled blood and buried our brothers and sisters in the name of this nation, as our Government gives away more of our money to openly, extremely biased political operatives whose stated purpose is to “expose extremists and dangerous individuals”, but in reality is little more than extreme left wing propagandists that operate anonymously and cause real life, significant harm to any Canadian who’s political stances they deem unacceptable. I support any and all persons in Canada to speak their mind, regardless of their views. Free speech is meant to protect speech that is unpopular. Not to mob rule the approved narrative of the day. However, I do not find it at all appropriate that our Government is spending our tax money funding one side of a partisan, political propaganda tug of war.
I have chosen only to send this message to those listed in this email out of respect for your efforts to defend Canada against this very obvious and equally troubling threat of socialist extremism. Thank you for your valuable time and tireless efforts to right the ship of our home.
No one in Canada should fear losing their job, public shaming campaigns or mob violence simply because of their political views regardless of what they are, left and right included. I sincerely hope you agree.
MCpl Jeremy M. MacKenzie, C.D.,
(ret’d) Royal Canadian Regiment

A group of individuals living in Canada who share the same values and outlook towards Canada and the dislike of the current path our country is taking into the future. A group that discusses ALL topics and shares ideas that can better our country. A group that has open arms to anyone who wants to join. A place to get real news that the mainstream media will not publish. The PLAID ARMY is a network of individuals banding together to INFORM, TEACH, and BEFRIEND like minded people with the ultimate goal of Waking Up Canadians.

It’s time to stand up for what YOU believe in. You are not alone in your thinking and you DO NOT have to be scared to speak your mind.

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